Saturday, March 1, 2008

Introductory Post

Yesterday, the tomorrow seemed like it would have been today. Broken up suddenly from the dreams of an expanded universe, I knew that it must forever be because I needed to create a new blog. A blog which I’d use like my acquaintances had taught me - A private personal Journal for all. It seemed entirely logical and I decided that I needed to question it no further.

Later, when the today started becoming like it would be had I thought of it yesterday, it made sense no longer, because there was no new blog in that thought. The new blog was a sole consequence of a dream I had this dawn. So, it was ultimately the dawn that would detach every today as it was yesterday and today as it is today. This frightened me – for it would mean that today is just a consequence of either the dawn or yesterday.

And many of us don’t recognize this but it is even more frightening for the consequences of this consequence. For this would mean that the universe isn’t really expanding. And that would not only prove many of the modern astronomical theories false, but more importantly mean that I couldn’t choose to create a new blog, irrespective of the dawn or yesterday. And hens hence, I would become a simple reflection of myself that I had left behind in my past.

By doing so, I annihilate the present, forever. And there shall be no forever, ever after, for by doing so we annihilate the future too. If I’m devoid of a present and a future, it’d be impossible for me to create a new blog.

Therefore, I could never create this new blog.

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Ela (braveheart) said...

what a maze! our mind is a maze, but there is a way out for sure.
but where is the way out leading to? ha, probably to the present, where there is no time needed to be count and future is only an illusion, and past have no say as it exists no longer.